“I’m richer than you are” #notthebestprematchtalk

This is the first time I’ve talked about football on this blog, but things don’t look too good going into the African Cup of Nations finals for Ivory Coast. Drogba and co have never won anything, despite regularly going into this competition as favourites and being Africa’s top-ranked team. It’s difficult for the coaches and federation to control a group of rich expats who live in Europe and play football at levels no previous generation of Ivorians have reached. As one Ivorian FIFA scout said last week – you don’t win the cup with 23 millionaires.

At the weekend, the team played a friendly in South Africa. In the tunnel, according to an article in Sport Ivoire, captain Zokora Didier asked Yaya Toure to concentrate a bit more on the match to come. Yaya didn’t take kindly to this and a shouting match ensued, with Yaya reportedly shouting “You’re jealous because I’m richer than you are” to which the former Tottenham player responded “I don’t care about your money!”. Yaya earns £185,000 a week at Manchester City. It took the intervention of a group of fellow-players to break up the dispute. At the previous nation’s cup finals in Angola, the coach said internal divisions had severely hampered the side. There’s work to do before the nation’s cup…

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