Journal Gbayé – Ivory Coast’s news in rap and nouchi

I’d seen the stories about the rap news in Senegal (the JT rappé) , but now from the same outfit we have an Ivorian version, rapped/sung in French and Nouchi (local Ivorian street slang), with support from George Soros’ Open Society foundation. Things got under way a couple of weeks back and there are already three episodes out (see below). The idea is to rap about 3-4 main topics each week in a way that appeals to youth, and aside from a bit of occasional uncertainty from the presenters, it really is a fun recipe. The presenters are Nash (a well known Nouchi ambassador and rap artist), and Smile.

I’m really impressed by the creativity – after seeing the pilot I assumed the music bed wouldn’t change, but in three episodes we’ve already covered a good range of West African music styles. Not sure if they want to stay a YouTube phenomenon of if they’ll try to reach a wider audience through the main state television channel (though would that hinder their independence?).

Journal Gbayé – le pilote : “Nouveau pont”  Major topics – child kidnapping, new bridge, hygiene of homemade drinks, Congolese politics

Journal Gbayé (S01, ép. 01) : “Djassa pinhou au Plateau”  Major topics – university facilities, prostitution, elections, Senegalese politics

Journal Gbayé (S01, ép.02) : “Les Djobages”  – Major topics – covers electricity cover, university strikes and destruction of illegal constructions (with links to field reports on Arafat-style, and then reggae to celebrate the Alpha Blondy concert)

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