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The World Wide Web was really well-named. Most days on social media feel like I’m trying to attach strands to all the content that’s out there to link it to my online world. It wasn’t like that in the beginning. In the embryonic stages in Abidjan everyone on Facebook added everyone else in Abidjan on Facebook. You felt it was manageable.

But the growth is exponential. Every few days I discover a new Ivorian blog, which goes immediately into my Feedly reader. Or I find new pages and new dynamic people doing things I never heard of. I’m pretty organised about this, though I realise 2013 was a bit of a lost year on social media for me. But I’m sure most people aren’t so thorough, which stresses me out a little. It means some people are doing cool things in Ivory Coast but they may never have heard of Edith Brou, JP Ehouman, Federic Tape, Diaby Mohamed, Akendewa, Fanta, Yehni etc. How can we work together and form a community when we’re generally not listening and following each other? My goodness, a lot of people just read blogs when they remember to visit because they haven’t worked out RSS and readers.

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