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A booming Ivory Coast

Exactly a month ahead of presidential elections on Friday, Reuters published a glowing tribute to the Ivory Coast boom. On the same day they also published a story on the start of work on a brand new Heineken beer factory in … Continue reading

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Abidjan’s ‘Club Croissances’ calls it a day

Let me tell you a story that goes back to the early days of blogging in Cote d’Ivoire. One of the pioneer blogs focused on business stories linked to the West African Stock Exchange or BRVM. The blog was the initiative of a … Continue reading

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Promoting investment

On a flight back to West Africa yesterday I picked up a free copy of ‘The Africa Report’ magazine, and was interested to read a two page advert taken out by the Centre for Promoting Investments in Cote d’Ivoire(CEPICI). These … Continue reading

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Are Ivorians racist?

A reader of this blog asks ‘People say Ivorians do not welcome strangers. Is this true?’ More bluntly, a taxi driver in Freetown recently asked me: ‘Is it true that Ivorians are racist?’ The question is surprising when you consider that … Continue reading

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