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The web

The World Wide Web was really well-named. Most days on social media feel like I’m trying to attach strands to all the content that’s out there to link it to my online world. It wasn’t like that in the beginning. In … Continue reading

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If there’s one sector that’s buzzing at the moment in Abidjan, it’s contemporary art – so much so that some friends of mine have just started a hashtag dedicated to the scene – #‎ArtBidjan. During my few days in Abidjan, there … Continue reading

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Ivorian Tycoons

I’ve just finished reading the latest issue of ‘Tycoon’ magazine – Ivory Coast’s magazine for the business-minded elite from the Voodoo communications empire. It has an unmatched level of professionalism from the superb photos of Ivory Coast’s elite managers in … Continue reading

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Growing up in Ivory Coast

As I start to think more about parenthood with a new-born on the way, I’m increasingly attuned to the contrast between raising kids in the West and in Ivory Coast. The latter has its attractions – for instance, finding babysitters … Continue reading

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Customers are kings

There’s a stereotype about how we-don’t-care attitudes ruin state companies. In Ivory Coast, the change of government sadly doesn’t seem to have changed much at all (plus ca change…). Take an example from the last few weeks. I was interested … Continue reading

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Taking off…without me?

There’s a buzz about being back in Abidjan. I know if I lived here, the pace would appear slow, but it seems things are moving in the right direction, and that this is turning into an exciting place to be. … Continue reading

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TedX Abidjan 2014

I’ve passed the last week in Abidjan spending time with family (who aren’t allowed to live with me in my current emergency posting in Bangui, CAR), to the unfortunate detriment of my friends. However, I was lucky that my visit coincided … Continue reading

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Web shopping, Abidjan-style

I was pleasantly surprised the last time I was in Abidjan to hear talk about the arrival of web-based shopping, which seems finally to be gaining traction. Jumia is the main player, but in the last couple of weeks there’s been … Continue reading

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