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What’s going on down on the farm?

I’ve bemoaned before on this blog the lack of quality (or almost any) coverage of rural issues in the Ivorian national press. With half of the population living in rural areas, agriculture being far-and-away the largest employer (largely informally, but … Continue reading

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Waiting for the bus

There are certain scenes that get repeated in ex-pat writing about Africa. There’s the oh-so-fast sunrise, the trip to see a friend’s village, and of course the whole travelling-down-the-Congo-river-on-a-ferry-while-traders-canoe-alongside-on-seemingly-unstable-hollowed-0ut-tree-trunks. The classic scene of course, which most of us are sick … Continue reading

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Life without AC

It’s great to be back in Abidjan for a few weeks, even if it is the hottest month. Of course people think Dubai is always scorching hot, when in fact it’s far cooler than Abidjan at this time of year, … Continue reading

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