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Ivorian blogging challenge 2012

At the last Ivorian alloco-blog party two weeks ago, the debate raged about whether or not the Ivorian blogosphere is active and dynamic. I made the point that if the 30 or so people around the table aren’t actively blogging, … Continue reading

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I was in the English equivalent of the Ivorian maquis last night, the pub. It was the sort of place where almost everyone went to the same school as you did and you just need to use a big of … Continue reading

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Things I notice in the UK 2

This follows on from an earlier posting on things I’m noticing on a short trip to the UK… – I don’t know how graphic designers survive in Ivory Coast. In the UK, you are saturated by design. The main reason … Continue reading

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Books read 2008-2011

I think almost all of us would admit that we don’t read enough. I’d certainly learn a lot more if I spent less time on Facebook and more time in between the covers of a book. To encourage myself to … Continue reading

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Things I notice in the UK 1

I’m spending a few days in England, the culture of my birth, and seeing quite a few things with fresh eyes. I’ll write about differences as I go. – in public places almost no-one talks to you – in fact … Continue reading

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Understanding the Abidjan economy

I’d like to think that with each year that goes by in Abidjan I get closer to understanding how things work. There are some things though that get more difficult to understand the deeper you dig. Anyone who has bought … Continue reading

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Christmas in Africa

I’d been thinking about writing a blog on Christmas in Africa when I saw Jina Moore write a similar posting. With Abidjan switching on the biggest festive lights display it’s ever had, the transformation seems almost complete in the last … Continue reading

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Coupe decale: the lessons for Ivorian start-ups

How are young creative entrepreneurs in a metropolis like Abidjan going to make a mark on their generation? For the time being we see a limited range of blogs, webmagazines, photo projects and start-ups that cater for a small young … Continue reading

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Alloco blog party

Last night saw the first Alloco-blog party of 2011; alloco being the delicious fried plantains you see pictured. It was a great evening for about 30 or so of us to exchange on the topic of blogging and the Ivorian … Continue reading

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Up until six months ago, I didn’t know the meaning of the French word ‘vernissage’. Now I do and I’ve been to more than I can remember. I’m not sure of the best English translation, but it’s the sort of … Continue reading

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