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Victory at last

Rarely have the eventual winners of the African Cup of Nations started the competition in worse shape. The opening 45 minutes of Ivory Coast’s first group stage match against Guinea constitute some of the most embarrassing football Ivorian fans have … Continue reading

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Ivorian repatriate blogs

I’ve noticed that in Ivory Coast I don’t think there’s yet been a single example of that staple of other West African blogospheres – the repatriate blog. You know the ones: the returning West African national excited about heading home after a … Continue reading

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Ivory Coast and Ebola

Ivorians take the threat of Ebola extremely seriously, and according to many predictions there’s a strong chance the country will soon register cases. A look at regional contagion maps shows a number cases in parts of Liberia along the shared border, while … Continue reading

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Remembering Felix Houphouet-Boigny

Think Africa Press have a detailed article on Ivory Coast’s founding president, Felix Houphouet-Boigny… In 1957, Houphouët-Boigny headed the French delegation sent to New York to attend the General Assembly of the United Nations. Much criticism was levelled against him. … Continue reading

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The dossier

Entrepreneurship is not well taught in the Ivorian education system. But you’ll meet many people with business ideas. The problem seems to be the implementation. After spending a small amount of time in Abidjan you’ll meet a certain character that … Continue reading

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Leaving the ex-pat bubble in Ivory Coast 2/2

After a little delay, here’s the follow-up post to last month’s first part of my little guide on how to leave the ex-pat bubble in Ivory Coast. The first part gave some advice on how to find out more about … Continue reading

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In praise of…Meiway

As I listen to Ivorian artist Meiway’s M20 album in my studio flat, it’s hard not to reflect on one of Ivory Coast’s most unique musicians. In fact when you talk about Ivorian music you generally talk about three types … Continue reading

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West African stock markets

I was recently chatting to a very wealthy British friend and I happened to mention the West African stock market based in Abidjan (BRVM). He didn’t realise such a thing existed. I suspect it’s not the easiest thing to access … Continue reading

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Advice to my teenager daughter

We broke out the champagne recently for our teenager daughter who obtained her Ivorian baccalaureate. I’d already been thinking through what advice I could give a young high school graduate in Ivory Coast (or other young person), and this gives … Continue reading

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ANALYSIS: Fresh violence in Ivory Coast

What are we to make of the spurt of attacks against Ivorian soldiers over the past two weeks? The death spasms of the pro-Gbagbo military forces or the start of a new violent phase /even a new war? Let me … Continue reading

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