I’m a journalist who came to Ivory Coast for a short time and ended up staying five years. Sadly, I’m no longer there but with a house and citizenship in Abidjan I hope to continue blogging about all things Ivorian from overseas.

Feel free to contact me at contact@drogbascountry.com

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  1. Robin Lynn Smith says:

    It’s good to find something to read that actually about Ivorian culture. I look forward to you next post. I’m planning to move there in the next few years and I’m trying to learn as much as possible. I will continue to keep in touch.

  2. Ajayi samson says:

    I like drogba is shap sraiker

  3. M. Garr Woods says:

    Hi. I am interested in knowing about this country. People say Ivorian do not welcome strangers. Is this true or what are your own experiences. There is a big debate about a 50 plus bed room hospital being built by Dedeh Drogba as a will of thanking his people for their support , is this story reliable. Thanks.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for your questions. I think the crisis has given Cote d’Ivoire a bad name. A taxi driver in Freetown recently asked me a similar question: Is it true that Ivorians are racist? I will try and write a blog post about this. There were times of anti-foreigner protests in Ivory Coast during the crisis, sadly something used by politicians, largely on the Gbagbo side. It comes mainly from the large number of non-Ivorians in the country (25%) which in particular creates tensions around land ownership. But things have changed a lot with the new government, and as mentioned above there are large foreign communities that live well. The culture is very accessible for other French-speakers from elsewhere because of the widespread use of French as a first language. There are no restrictions on foreigners owning homes etc.

      As for Drogba, indeed he has built a hospital in Abidjan, and has plans for more. It has taken a while to open, but I think it is almost ready.

  4. Heather Saunders says:

    Dear Ivory Coast journalist,
    I came across your blog with comments about my husband’s book. It was interesting and encouraging so I’m wondering if you would consider cutting and pasting some of it and posting it as a review on http://www.amazon.com and http://www.amazon.co.uk ?
    Philip is a good writer but terrible at marketing his book. We have sold well over three thousand copies in spite of that. Several hundred people have emailed him or sent handwritten messages after reading it so I’m contacting a few of them to ask them to kindly post some of their comments on Amazon!
    If you could find time to do so I’d be very grateful.
    Best wishes and many thanks
    Heather Saunders
    PS Please note that my email address is not tesco but tsco.org! It stands for the Seed Company.

  5. Adam Wang says:

    Dear Ivory Coast journalist,

    I am very glad to find a blog like this. I am from China but currently in Lagos Nigeria, my company will relocate me to Ivory coast next year so i am looking forward to that.

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