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As you’ve probably worked out by now, I’m no longer living in Abidjan. Do I miss the place? Of course. But a change of scene to Dubai has been beneficial. After five years in Abidjan, it was a time to have new experiences, though I sincerely hope to return to Abidjan in the future. That’s unlikely to be an empty promise as my current work finishes at the end of 2014 and I’ve kept my house in Abidjan.

I’ll still be blogging here every now and again and I still try and keep in touch with what’s going on back ‘home’. Thanks to the web that’s as possible as ever – most of my Facebook and Twitter friends/followers are Ivorian, and with the help of my wife I’m still speaking and eating Ivorian at home. Every morning, I read my (PDF) copy of Fraternite Matin and go through the newspaper front pages and news stories on Abidjan.net.

Thoughts on Abidjan…

I left with very fond memories of Abidjan. My wife warns me that heading back from Dubai, the place looks a bit small, shabby and undeveloped, but that wasn’t what attracted me there. I have such close family and friends there, a sense of community, and I still have an excitement about the potential of the place.

Thoughts on the future….

On that note, I don’t think Abidjan has finished with me just yet. I have a Word document I keep going of ‘things to do when back living in Abidjan’, which has loads of exciting projects. I have some strange dreams including running a farm, and setting up a public opinion polling business. First though I’m keen to gain some new skills and experiences, and set up a more secure base for investments that could keep the kitchen stocked in the future. Plus I need to see my girls through university.

So, please keep returning to the blog and above all subscribe via RSS so that you’ll catch posts that will continue to appear here when I feel inspired. I’m actually starting a more personal blogging project at www.yaostravels.com so you’d be welcome to join me there – the content will be more personal and more diverse.

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