Ivorian blogging challenge 2012

At the last Ivorian alloco-blog party two weeks ago, the debate raged about whether or not the Ivorian blogosphere is active and dynamic. I made the point that if the 30 or so people around the table aren’t actively blogging, then frankly the Ivorian blogging world doesn’t amount to much.

I think it’s true that in general people aren’t blogging. Of course we need quality as well as quantity, but still, something must be done to encourage more content-creation. So I put forward the challenge for the country to have at least 25 people regularly bloggers in 2012, and I define regular as producing 50 more posts in the year. Looking at the figures from 2011 gives the following tables. I don’t claim to follow every Ivorian blog (by which I mean a blog based in Ivory Coast or that takes Ivory Coast as its main subject), but I think I’ve covered most of the major ones here. Send me comments if I’ve missed any big ones. Below is the list ranked by the number of posts in 2011.

Compare these figures to a couple of Nigerian blogs I follow: Linda Ikeji’s blog has a rough average of ten posts a day, while Bella Naija posted 1904 times in 2011. If any Ivorians are thinking of making blogging a major occupation and perhaps earn money, I think they need to be posting high-quality content once a day over a sustained period of time (years).

Otherwise in this particular department, I hope 2012 will see not only more blogging but the emergence of an even stronger community through regular meet-ups, and an active on-line debate with not only blogs, but commenting as well.

1152 Seth Koko (usually not original material)

203 Yehni Djidji

131 Until Our Independence

129 Edith Brou

85 Hotel Ivory

65 Drogbascountry (since May)

64 WebNews2Babi

38 West Africa Wins Always

29 Diaby Mohamed (since September)

17 Nnenna

[I found no easy way to count the number of blog posts for regular bloggers using Ivoire-blog (Le Blog de Yoro, Theophile Kouamouo, Carnets de Polman, Fernand Dinde) and this was also the case for J-P EhoumanCyriac Gbogou]

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