In five years time…

There’s no denying the importance of having clear objectives; just by physically writing down your goals you increase your chances of achieving them. At my talk at Abidjan barcamp 2011, I tried to encourage the web community here to have clear, ambitious goals about where they want to be, as the first step to working out an action-plan. So, I suppose to avoid hypocrisy, I better do some objective writing myself regarding my professional ambitions…

In five years time I’d like to be;

– doing engaging and fresh journalism from Ivory Coast and also the wider West African region

– maximising technological advancements to produce high quality video reports, filmed and edited before sending

– be at the centre of a bustling and exciting city, involved with a number of local artistic and media projects and with close relations with the key creative actors

– involved in some way in producing local television content in the liberalised audio-visual industry in Ivory Coast

– have a photographic studio that is also available for music videos, band practice, editing and used by a community of professionals

– have a number of popular and successful web projects and a large following online

– be involved in the mentoring of young creatives and media types

– have developed my photographic work and see my photos published throughout the world

– be writing or have finished writing at least one book

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