Blogging on the Abidjan stock exchange

For those who read French, has made a welcome return to the West African blogosphere in the last few months. The website author, Euclide (whose birthday it happens to be today), has probably done more than anyone else to promote interest in the Abidjan-based West African stock exchange (despite the fact that he’s from Congo-Brazzaville).

Reading the detail in a blog post today on the 2015 financial results of Sicable made me reflect again the benefits of blogging. Here we have someone who doesn’t even live in the West African monetary zone, and who isn’t a professional journalist or financial expert, who runs a blog in his spare time on a voluntary basis that gives us better reporting than any newspaper you’d care to buy on the streets of francophone West Africa. And it’s all for free.

In March he hopes to launch a follow-up e-book on investing in the BRVM, which I think is an initiative worth encouraging.

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  1. John, John, John
    Si j’étais un blanc j’allais surement rougir.
    Merci pour le soutien frère

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