A quiet spell

It might have escaped your notice, but I haven’t blogged here for a while. Since setting up Drogba’s Country in 2011, I’ve been pretty consistent in blogging about Ivory Coast despite having left the country at the end of 2012. Nevertheless, I face two particular challenges:

  • This blog is focused on Ivory Coast, and I want to give you information that you can’t find elsewhere. My dream would be to tell you about Ivorian society in all its forms – something that is obviously difficult now I’m overseas, even if I continue to follow the country on a daily basis.
  • Secondly, and as my silence throughout the electoral period signifies, my new job means that I have to be careful about venturing into controversial areas, which means that I probably need to stay clear of saying much that’s interesting about politics.

However, I promise to continue writing here, and I hope you’ll find it worth following. There’s still very little out there in English on Ivory Coast so I think there’s a niche. The ultimate goal is to move back to Abidjan in the future and then fill these pages with rich anecdotes and information from this long-time Ivoriophile. If you can wait that long and blogs still exist, it should be worth it. In the meantime, I’ll keep writing here occasionally when inspiration comes, and life as a new-father allows. I hope you’ll continue to pass by regularly. Thank you for reading.

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