Life without AC

It’s great to be back in Abidjan for a few weeks, even if it is the hottest month. Of course people think Dubai is always scorching hot, when in fact it’s far cooler than Abidjan at this time of year, and with plenty of air-conditioning to boot. In Abidjan we’re staying at a relative’s place in the heart of Cocody and there’s no AC in sight. But we’re sleeping well – we’re in an old third floor apartment and with an electric fan and the wooden window shutters open there’s a cool breeze. There’s something about sleeping with the windows wide open during a tropical storm.

In fact it’s great to transition into a simpler life. There’s always water (I drink the tap water here, which I rarely do in Dubai), the shower is so refreshing in the heat, there’s a good breeze (no window panes needed) and the electricity has been reliable so far, which is the norm here. There are occasional thundery showers which only add to the comfort of sleeping more exposed to the elements.

I do really miss the car that I had here though. It is pretty sticky and with taxis lacking air-conditioning, it’s hard to ever feel at your best. The prospect of getting caught in a hot and sticky traffic jam does much to take the drive out of doing more during my time here.

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