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Reading the comments

Reading the comments section of anything online can be pretty depressing, no matter how high-brow the platform. Nevertheless, it was particularly disappointing to read the comments on this news article on an opposition rally in Yopougon yesterday. The news event itself … Continue reading

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Ivory Coast in the rankings

At the start of the Ouattara presidency, blogger Hotel Ivory said that the various global rankings would be a good way to measure the success or failure of the new government. So with the election now just four months off, how … Continue reading

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Latest IMF publications on Cote d’Ivoire – facts and figures

The publication of IMF country reports on Cote d’Ivoire is just about the only time of the year when you can really get hold of decent statistics and information on the performance of the Ivorian economy, and government economic management. … Continue reading

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Student life in Abidjan under Ouattara

Since I wrote last week’s post listing Ivorian blogs, I realised that much of the recent blogging action has been on RFI’s Mondoblog platform, which I’d more or less neglected. I’ve since discovered that that does now seem to be the … Continue reading

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