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Disquiet in the Elephants’ camp

If the last few days have revealed that there’s something seriously wrong with the way world football is managed, it’s also seen revelations of a similar sort in the Ivorian game. It’s been worrying to see the damage done by the … Continue reading

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Ivorian blog list

It felt that blogging went through a quiet patch in Ivory Coast but I now find I’m discovering several new blogs from Abidjan every week. I looked in the ‘Ivory Coast’ category on my RSS Reader and realised I follow close … Continue reading

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The rise of the female Ivorian blogger

According to my Feedly RSS reader, I follow 279 bloggers in the ‘Ivory Coast’ category, and it’s a number I’m regularly adding to (of course many accounts are inactive). Sadly there isn’t an online directory of the Ivorian blogosphere, though … Continue reading

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Electricity hikes

The announcement of an electricity bill increase last week by President Ouattara during a visit to Odienne in the far north-west quickly provoked a strong reaction on social media. Beyond the fact that no-one likes to see their utility bills … Continue reading

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A busy month in Abidjan

With hindsight, it was a bad move leaving Abidjan this morning, just hours before the latest TedX event. Then again, it seems to be generally a busy time in Abidjan so it’s hard not to miss things. In the week … Continue reading

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What’s it like to live in Abidjan?

Around West Africa it’s common to meet expat aid workers who’ve spent time in Abidjan. I’m biased, but in all honesty, I’ve never heard anything negative and many people talk about the experience as one of the highlights of their … Continue reading

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Faut laisser ca

This week Ivory Coast’s minister for sports and youth, Alain Lobognon, was pushed to resign as the scandal around the unpaid bonuses for the country’s African Cup of Nations team continues to cause casualties. I have no idea whether the … Continue reading

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The Moroccan takeover

For Ivory Coast watchers it’s been a busy week in the international media, what with Chelsea and Drogba securing the Premier League title, an Ivorian boy caught being smuggled into Spain in a suitcase, the continued rumblings over the disappeared football … Continue reading

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