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Legislative elections – what did we learn?

If international investors looked on the legislative elections as a test to see if the new Ivorian government was up to the task, they probably came away happier than expected. Unlike under the previous government, an ambitious election timetable was … Continue reading

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Do you have permission for that?

Ah, the eternal cry of the overzealous Ivorian government official: WHO gave you permission to do THAT? The philosophy is that you have very few rights and everything you wish to do requires AUTHORISATION. It’s the natural product of a … Continue reading

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Parliamentary elections: what happened

Two unoriginal observations on Sunday’s parliamentary elections in Ivory Coast: they were almost entirely peaceful and turnout was low. Peace This was the sign that outside investors were looking for that the new government, the new army and the 7 … Continue reading

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Election violence in Ivory Coast

With more than fifty countries, Africa gets its fair share of presidential elections every year, let alone legislative and municipal elections. So, sometimes you get the impression the media need to go out of their way to attract attention. Consider … Continue reading

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Dans Les Bois (2010)

Andre Marouni’s ‘Dans Les Bois’ (‘In the Woods’) is the tale of a young Ivorian cadre (professional) played by Kane Mahoula who’s angry at the world, gets counselling from a¬†psychologist¬†(played by the director) and then heads off into the woods … Continue reading

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You are what you wear

Two events this week reminded me of the importance of good dress in Abidjan. On Wednesday night I went to a artistic cocktail night at a house in the Rivieria area. A couple of friends of mine happened to live … Continue reading

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