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Hey D’jo, Carpe Diem

I was just at a meeting with the minister of planning and development, Mabri Toikeusse, who set out the objectives of the government, which include having a “performing educational sector that prioritises an enterprise culture and a spirit of excellence”. Last … Continue reading

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I fell in love in a hopeful place

Four years ago I left my former home in Brazzaville for a new life in Abidjan. A year in Brazzaville had been memorable – never the centre of world news, but an intriguing country and it was a great experience … Continue reading

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Banque Mondiale: Télécommunications, Rattraper le temps perdu

[Ma premiere post en francais – en fait c’etait juste pour partager avec mes amis TIC cette section d’un rapport interessant de la banque mondiale, qui n’est pas encore publie en ligne]. Le secteur des technologies de l’information et de … Continue reading

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Making money as a journalist – Ivorian-style

Perhaps I’ll never tire of the Ivorian press. After a while in the milieu you kind of get to know who is who – and identify the Class A gombo-ists. These are the journalists who work for cash. There’s a … Continue reading

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“I’m richer than you are” #notthebestprematchtalk

This is the first time I’ve talked about football on this blog, but things don’t look too good going into the African Cup of Nations finals for Ivory Coast. Drogba and co have never won anything, despite regularly going into … Continue reading

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Jingle bells…it’s Tabaski

Traffic jams, a last minute rush to buy this year’s must-have present and a pre-ponderous amount of red around the big day. No, it’s not Christmas in Abidjan but Tabaski. In the last few days Muslims have been trying to find every … Continue reading

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Gold mining…

Sitting on plastic chairs overlooking an artificial lake that stretches to the horizon in the isolated north of Ivory Coast. The well marinated steaks are in plentiful supply, as is the cool but strong beer. Around the table is the ex-boss of … Continue reading

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Ideas for the weekend II

Here are few more random ideas, some of them related: – create an SMS information service for cocoa farmers (Cacao Kpakatoya), similar to the sorts of things being set-up in other parts of Africa. Why? 700,000 cocoa farmers have almost … Continue reading

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