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#civ2010 – Democracy in Ivory Coast

It’s exactly a year since the first round of Ivory Coast’s long-delayed presidential election. To commemorate, I’m going to try and write a series of reflections over the next month looking back on that turbulent electoral period. Democracy, as Africans … Continue reading

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Conquest of Paradise

It would be hard to make this up. As president Alassane Ouattara arrives, the loudspeakers blast out a stirring tune from Vangelis, most famous for composing the Chariots of Fire theme. The ‘grand entrance’ music is always the same. What … Continue reading

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CafĂ© Carrefour des Possibles Cote d’Ivoire

I attended an interesting meeting last night organised by the Akendewa association called ‘Cafe Carrefour des Possibles’, an evening for Ivorian entrepreneurs to present six ideas to the public who select two from the six to go to to a … Continue reading

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World Bank magazine

Institutional magazines are at the worst a waste of money and frequently serve no further purpose than aggrandizing the noble leadership of said institution with managers pictured seated behind dark mahogany desks. So, I was pleasantly surprised by the recent … Continue reading

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In praise of…Ema Lohoues

While Theophile Kouamouo, Jean-Patrick Ehouman, and possibly even my humble self run a campaign for Ivorians to get more interested in producing content for the web, I wanted to highlight someone I think does an exceptionally good job of using … Continue reading

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Ivorian agricultural fiscal policy 101

Ivory Coast is both the world’s biggest cocoa grower and Africa’s biggest producer of natural rubber. The former is done by 700,000 small holder farming households, the majority of whom live below the poverty line. The latter is the current … Continue reading

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In praise of…parkers

Not the pens, not the fur-lined jackets, but the young men who wait throughout Abidjan for the moment you need to park, then guide you into the right spot and look after your car. Not a bad service for 100 … Continue reading

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In five years time…

There’s no denying the importance of having clear objectives; just by physically writing down your goals you increase your chances of achieving them. At my talk at Abidjan barcamp 2011, I tried to encourage the web community here to have … Continue reading

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Ivorian cocoa prices

New cocoa season, same problems. Only this time it’s worse than ever. A quick recap on the Ivorian cocoa price problem. For at least 11 years, the cocoa market in the world’s biggest cocoa grower, has been liberalised, meaning the … Continue reading

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Four reasons to be pessimistic about Ivory Coast

There’s a good degree of optimism about the future in Ivory Coast given how quickly the new government has set to work and the rapid improvement in security and peace. However, some are at risk of getting carried away, so … Continue reading

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