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The francophone mindset; hindrance to development in Africa?

Hotel Ivory makes a compelling case for being positive about Ivory Coast’s economic future, post-crisis. But there’s also a good deal of negative discussion of French-speaking Africa around at the moment (see this World Economic Form video);┬ásome blame poor economic … Continue reading

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Local press: “UNOCI Mi-24 helicopter pilot found dead”

An intriguing story in Ivorian newspaper Nord-Sud today from their regional correspondent in Bouake… “A Ukranian Mi-24 attack helicopter pilot at the UN peacekeeping mission whose name hasn’t been revealed, has been found dead in one of the two Alpha … Continue reading

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Young, Creative and Digital, August 2011

Here are some of the photos from this weekend’s first ever ‘Young, Creative and Digital’ event in Abidjan (photo credits to Stefan Meisel and Israel Yoroba). I organised the evening with friends at AMN to help provide a networking opportunity … Continue reading

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Cocoa reporting, II

I’ve already written too much about cocoa on this blog, but hey, this is the world’s biggest cocoa producer. On Sunday in the television news here a report was broadcast showing the head of the Switzerland-based chocolate maker, Barry Callebaut, … Continue reading

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