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Cocoa: A record year

The official end of the cocoa season is still two months off, but already with most of the season’s cocoa purchases made, figures are well over 1.3 million tons and could pass 1.5 million by 31 September. That would represent … Continue reading

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Film review: Le Mec Ideal (2011)

Saturday 23rd July sees the launch of Ivorian film ‘Le Mec Ideal’ in Abidjan’s cinemas (well in about the only two cinemas that remain). Back in early March as journalists here were reporting on the banks closing, the rising tension … Continue reading

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Syndrome 2002

A disputed election, certain leading military commanders take up refuge in a neighbouring state and the threat of a rebellion that risks blowing things apart for the new president. That was Ivory Coast 2000-2002, and some are pointing out, is … Continue reading

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Isomorphic mimicry

I was intrigued to come across the term ‘isomorphic mimicry’ (thanks to the reference in Owen Abroad), used by Lant Pritchett to explain the process of “replicating existing forms and processes without functionality”. The idea comes from nature where animals … Continue reading

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