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A Western visitor

It’s almost always interesting meeting people coming to Abidjan for the first time to see with their eyes what they think of the place and what we long-time residents miss. Well, I won’t say these observations haven’t been spotted, but … Continue reading

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Abidjan Ouagadougou

I spent the last week in Burkina Faso. Given the presence of at least two million Burkinabe in Ivory Coast, it’s a nation you hear repeatedly mentioned in Ivory Coast, even if discussion is generally in a particular context. Burkinabe … Continue reading

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Zone 4

It may sound like a top secret US military installation, but Zone 4 is one of the major expat centres in Abidjan. I’m not often there, but during the week I had the choice between the opening of two separate … Continue reading

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In praise of…Hotel Ivoire

On three occasions this week I spent several hours in Hotel Ivoire, Abidjan’s major hotel that’s been closed for the past few years for refurbishment and has been partially open for business since November. I must say that it’s been … Continue reading

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Ideas for the weekend: Abidjan Lumieres

The Abidjan Christmas lights display goes into its official last week in what to almost all accounts has been a great success (bar those who think the lights seem close to free-masonary symbols). While most cities have festive light displays, … Continue reading

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Abidjan’s three ideas for the weekend

– These are the sorts of intiatives I’d like to see done in Abidjan: the three musketeers are two photographers and a writer who’ll be “taking us on a theme-based photographic journey through the streets of Lagos and a few … Continue reading

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Encouraging tourism to Ivory Coast

This morning the Ivorian Ministry of Tourism held their first ‘tourism breakfast’ for those in the sector to meet the minister and debate a particular subject. The government is looking to to double visitor numbers to 500,000 by 2015. While … Continue reading

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