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A dream – Abidjan Coding camp 2012

Let me talk about an event that doesn’t exist (except in my imagination). Every year hundreds of Ivorians take part in summer camps to use up the long holiday period. Some are based around arts & crafts, others extra school … Continue reading

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Creative & Tech resolutions 2012

I’ll spare you my own personal new year’s resolutions (which run to four pages), but I do have a few ambitions for the creative and tech scenes here that I thought might encourage the community. So, here are my ambitions … Continue reading

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Ivorian blogging challenge 2012

At the last Ivorian alloco-blog party two weeks ago, the debate raged about whether or not the Ivorian blogosphere is active and dynamic. I made the point that if the 30 or so people around the table aren’t actively blogging, … Continue reading

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Alloco blog party

Last night saw the first Alloco-blog party of 2011; alloco being the delicious fried plantains you see pictured. It was a great evening for about 30 or so of us to exchange on the topic of blogging and the Ivorian … Continue reading

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Up until six months ago, I didn’t know the meaning of the French word ‘vernissage’. Now I do and I’ve been to more than I can remember. I’m not sure of the best English translation, but it’s the sort of … Continue reading

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Banque Mondiale: Télécommunications, Rattraper le temps perdu

[Ma premiere post en francais – en fait c’etait juste pour partager avec mes amis TIC cette section d’un rapport interessant de la banque mondiale, qui n’est pas encore publie en ligne]. Le secteur des technologies de l’information et de … Continue reading

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Café Carrefour des Possibles Cote d’Ivoire

I attended an interesting meeting last night organised by the Akendewa association called ‘Cafe Carrefour des Possibles’, an evening for Ivorian entrepreneurs to present six ideas to the public who select two from the six to go to to a … Continue reading

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In praise of…Ema Lohoues

While Theophile Kouamouo, Jean-Patrick Ehouman, and possibly even my humble self run a campaign for Ivorians to get more interested in producing content for the web, I wanted to highlight someone I think does an exceptionally good job of using … Continue reading

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In five years time…

There’s no denying the importance of having clear objectives; just by physically writing down your goals you increase your chances of achieving them. At my talk at Abidjan barcamp 2011, I tried to encourage the web community here to have … Continue reading

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Barcamp and Akendewa; some thoughts

The two-day Abidjan barcamp web conference closed this Saturday evening with a few tears, mass holding of hands, and a strong dose of optimism about the future. In my heavily accented and grammatically-curious French I gave a little talk myself, but … Continue reading

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