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Vive les vloggeuses

Just over a year ago, I wrote a blog post entitled ‘The Rise of the Female Blogger‘ about the explosion of a talented generation of women Ivorian bloggers, in what was a rather male-dominated sector in the early years. I think … Continue reading

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Cultural update

Arriving in Abidjan a few hours after the birth of my son, the space to visit friends and engage in cultural activities during my two weeks in Cote d’Ivoire were understandably limited. Coming from Freetown – which I increasingly view … Continue reading

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Ivorian blog list

It felt that blogging went through a quiet patch in Ivory Coast but I now find I’m discovering several new blogs from Abidjan every week. I looked in the ‘Ivory Coast’ category on my RSS Reader and realised I follow close … Continue reading

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The rise of the female Ivorian blogger

According to my Feedly RSS reader, I follow 279 bloggers in the ‘Ivory Coast’ category, and it’s a number I’m regularly adding to (of course many accounts are inactive). Sadly there isn’t an online directory of the Ivorian blogosphere, though … Continue reading

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Journal Gbayé – Ivory Coast’s news in rap and nouchi

I’d seen the stories about the rap news in Senegal (the JT rappé) , but now from the same outfit we have an Ivorian version, rapped/sung in French and Nouchi (local Ivorian street slang), with support from George Soros’ Open … Continue reading

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Ivorian web-series: ‘Sa c koi sa enkor’

If there’s one thing that unites Ivorians, aside from football, it’s complaining about the state broadcaster RTI. Sometimes this is unfair (if you have CANAL satellite you can check out some of the other West African state tv channels, which … Continue reading

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Ivorian repatriate blogs

I’ve noticed that in Ivory Coast I don’t think there’s yet been a single example of that staple of other West African blogospheres – the repatriate blog. You know the ones: the returning West African national excited about heading home after a … Continue reading

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Ivory Coast 2014 web review

The advantage of discussing the Ivorian web is that being outside the country is less of a hindrance than say if I was talking about the price of fruit and vegetables in Adjame. Looking back on the year, there were some … Continue reading

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The world of English-language blogs on Ivory Coast is not a big one, so I was delighted to discover this new blog today: Attiekeland. Enjoy!

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The web

The World Wide Web was really well-named. Most days on social media feel like I’m trying to attach strands to all the content that’s out there to link it to my online world. It wasn’t like that in the beginning. In … Continue reading

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