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Film review, Bronx-Barbes (2000)

Many years ago I inherited a copy of the film Bronx-Barbes from a journalist leaving Abidjan. Sadly it was on VHS and I never manged to find myself in a place with a player (and the cassette). Two years ago … Continue reading

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Dans Les Bois (2010)

Andre Marouni’s ‘Dans Les Bois’ (‘In the Woods’) is the tale of a young Ivorian cadre (professional) played by Kane Mahoula who’s angry at the world, gets counselling from a¬†psychologist¬†(played by the director) and then heads off into the woods … Continue reading

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Film review: Le Djassa a pris feu (2009)

After ‘Le Mec Ideal’, I’m keen to watch a lot more Ivorian cinema; not perhaps the world’s most famous or developed industry, but still important if only for reflecting life here in this particular part of the globe. I’m not … Continue reading

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Film review: Le Mec Ideal (2011)

Saturday 23rd July sees the launch of Ivorian film ‘Le Mec Ideal’ in Abidjan’s cinemas (well in about the only two cinemas that remain). Back in early March as journalists here were reporting on the banks closing, the rising tension … Continue reading

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