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What’s in a name?

I’m not sure I’d ever heard anyone use the phrase ‘Drogba’s Country’ when I selected it for this blog. But it was pretty clear that the only thing most people knew about Cote d’Ivoire back in 2011 was that it … Continue reading

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Ivorian repatriate blogs

I’ve noticed that in Ivory Coast I don’t think there’s yet been a single example of that staple of other West African blogospheres – the repatriate blog. You know the ones: the returning West African national excited about heading home after a … Continue reading

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Letter to Daniella

My dear daughter, It is five in the evening in one of Africa’s greatest cities, Abidjan, and you’re dozing under a mosquito net in the next room just hours after you left hospital. Your tired mum is asleep too, and … Continue reading

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Finding a tie for the president

President Ouattara was in Dubai this week – not for the Lady Gaga concert, but rather for a West African monetary zone investment forum. There wasn’t the time for a general meeting with the Dubai Ivorian community, but there was … Continue reading

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Millenarianism and the pro-Gbagbo camp

In those final moments before the Ivorian state television channel (nicknamed TV Mille Collines by pro-Ouattara supporters) was taken off the air during the battle for Abidjan, a scrolling ticker along the bottom of the screen, apparently the last thing … Continue reading

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