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Advice for Comms people; working with the international media

There are apparently no shortage of communications courses in Abidjan, but the quality of communications people even in the private sector, is pretty appalling. Here are some tips for those in the job who seem to have certain misconceptions about … Continue reading

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Beyond one dimension

What will it take to bring true reconciliation to Ivory Coast? Most people say: time. Ouattara will do his two mandates and then retire, Gbagbo will spend 4-5 years fighting his ICC case and then either come back old or get locked up … Continue reading

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Goodbye Lyn Lusi

For the past 5.5 years Africa has been my home. But at the beginning of 2005, I made my first tentative trip to the continent on holiday. I landed in Kigali, took a bus to the border, and crossed into … Continue reading

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Abidjan press stories

Like WAWA, I’m a regular and sometimes bemused reader of the daily Ivorian press. Here are three stories from yesterday’s papers. – “The tears of Ben Konate” – Equatorial Guinean midfielder Ben Konate (born in Ivory Coast) suddenly felt a … Continue reading

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Do you have permission for that?

Ah, the eternal cry of the overzealous Ivorian government official: WHO gave you permission to do THAT? The philosophy is that you have very few rights and everything you wish to do requires AUTHORISATION. It’s the natural product of a … Continue reading

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I fell in love in a hopeful place

Four years ago I left my former home in Brazzaville for a new life in Abidjan. A year in Brazzaville had been memorable – never the centre of world news, but an intriguing country and it was a great experience … Continue reading

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Making money as a journalist – Ivorian-style

Perhaps I’ll never tire of the Ivorian press. After a while in the milieu you kind of get to know who is who – and identify the Class A gombo-ists. These are the journalists who work for cash. There’s a … Continue reading

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In five years time…

There’s no denying the importance of having clear objectives; just by physically writing down your goals you increase your chances of achieving them. At my talk at Abidjan barcamp 2011, I tried to encourage the web community here to have … Continue reading

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Ministry Communication

Here’s how it works at one of the government ministries here (well most of them). For every press event (major announcement, visit by foreign delegation, etc), journalists are invited to cover the event. For every national journalist who comes to … Continue reading

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Local press: “UNOCI Mi-24 helicopter pilot found dead”

An intriguing story in Ivorian newspaper Nord-Sud today from their regional correspondent in Bouake… “A Ukranian Mi-24 attack helicopter pilot at the UN peacekeeping mission whose name hasn’t been revealed, has been found dead in one of the two Alpha … Continue reading

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